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Paker Clay's Community Fundraising Campaign Empowers Sustainable Consumers To Shape The Future Of Fashion

Spa & Beauty Today
Jun 8, 2023
Premium leather goods brand Parker Clay is empowering consumers to help shape the future of fashion by becoming the first B Corp to raise capital in their community through a Regulation A+, which allows the public to invest in private companies. For many years, brands have prioritized fast and cheap goods at the expense of our planet and workers, but Parker Clay wants to pave the way for a better model of making and shopping.
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Impact crowdfunding service displays opportunity in Reg A investments

Financial Planning
Jun 6, 2023
Purpose Rounds, a collaboration between venture capital firms Renew Venture Capital and Pixel Recess, launched last month to give "women, historically excluded, and impact founders" the technology and administrative tools of raising up to $75 million through "Regulation A" crowdfunding among investors of all income levels, according to the service's website. Ethical leather goods maker Parker Clay has secured an undisclosed amount as the pilot company selling stock through Purpose Rounds rather than taking the traditional venture route.
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How This Adoption Could Change Countless Lives

Super Powers For Good - Devin Thorpe
Jan 19, 2023
What has become Parker Clay was seeded by the discovery that Ethiopia was producing high-quality leather and shipping virtually all of it to Europe, where it was made into high-value products.
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The Six Best Laptop Bags For Back To School

The List
Aug 22, 2022
Mini backpacks may be trendy right now, but they're not necessarily the most practical choice for a back-to-school bag. Particularly because of the pandemic and remote learning, laptops are becoming more and more necessary for students in high school and college. Having a way to safely carry around expensive computer equipment is a must.
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The 12 Best Parker Clay Bags for Everyday Life and Travel

Aug 7, 2022
Parker Clay bags are luxury handbags and backpacks that focus on sustainability and ethically-made production. Since its inception, Parker Clay has been dedicated to helping empower women through fair trade practices and community development initiatives.
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The 13 Best Travel Bags for Men to Take on Any Type of Trip This Year

Men's Health
Jun 2, 2022
Traveling looks a lot different today than it did before 2020, but that doesn't mean it's come to a full stop. If anything, people are more eager to get out and explore more than ever—especially after spending so much time (for the most part) grounded. If you're among the set that's preparing to travel, whether it's a flight, a road trip, or something else you have planned on your calendar, there's no doubt you'll want the best travel bags to help get you there and back.
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International Women’s Day: 20 Brands That Are Giving Back

Mar 8, 2022
International Women’s Day is a global day that celebrates the achievements of women everywhere and raises awareness about gender equality. Every year, it’s celebrated on March 8, which also happens to be one week into Women’s History Month. In honor of the day, several retailers are running initiatives that give back to charities and organizations that support and empower women and girls.
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Mandy Moore Says Motherhood Is 'Challenging and Rewarding': 'It Truly Takes a Village'

Oct 26, 2021
To help make a difference, Moore is partnering with Parker Clay, a luxury leather goods brand that employs at-risk women in Ethiopia, and Step Up, a mentorship program for high school girls to help their shared mission to aid in the professional development of young girls.
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